Geriatric Foxx

There is something inevitably depressing about a 42-year old man singing about ‘shawties in da club’ and ‘100 dollar bills’.  Can anyone say ‘mid-life crisis’?

The tracks on Jamie Foxx’s album Intuition, have a delicious range of influences like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and of course, the late great Ray Charles, whom Foxx channelled quite effectively in the film Ray, winning him his first Oscar.

The beats and melodies work nicely with the modern voices of featured artists Lil’ Kim, Kanye West and Ti Pain.  Yet at times, Intuition feels like Foxx’s desperate attempt to recapture his youth.

Other actors are aware of the age factor.  The 2008 album I am Sasha Fierce showed a more mature Beyoncé appropriately representing her new status as a married woman to hip hop’s Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay-Z.

But Intution doesn’t help fans to place Jamie Foxx.  Other American solo artists like Brian McKnight and Joe are not only established as substantial R&B artists, but have a distinct and marketable sound that separates them from the ordinary.

Silver Foxx or Foxxy Lad?

Foxx on the other hand ranges from playing older characters in films like Ray and Collateral, to the artist who sings about women getting drunk enough in a club to go home with him.  Indeed, confused priorities.

Still, Foxx is a brilliant vocal comedian and impersonator, which he skilfully manages to use well in tracks such as ‘I Don’t Need it’, a song which shows off his multiple talents.

Is Intuition a well put together collaboration with interesting beats that will have any R&B lovers bopping their heads in or out of dance clubs?  Absolutely!

But Foxx’s age begs another question; How long does he think he can keep this up?  His live performance on the 2010 Grammy Awards unfortunately showed him a bit winded as he jumped around stage trying to keep up with the likes of younger performer’s Lady Gaga and Pink.  (To be fair, not many could keep up with Pink, who sings while performing Barnum and Bailey-like acrobatics from the ceiling.)

Yet, if Foxx insists on continuing with his tribute to young and contemporary R&B, he’d better start increasing his vitamin intake and getting a membership at his local gym.

Incidentally, his next album Body is due to come out on 25th May of this year.

2 Responses to Geriatric Foxx

  1. Mohenjo-Daro says:

    Jamie’s body of work is quite extensive. He will hit his groove musically in the near future, he he so talented he can’t miss.

  2. laborc says:

    Jamie Fox has been in the business for many years. His biggest break through was his portrayal of Ray Charles, for which he won an Oscar. Since then, he has had numerous movie roles and has decided to embellish his career branching out more in music which include his skills as a recording artist. I would characterize him as a late bloomer. If you start late, you end late. Late is where his destiny brought him. I do think it’s odd for him to be hanging with the youth and preforming way out of his age level but I understand why so therefore, I won’t judge. It’s sort of like Michael Jackson wanting to make up for the child hood he never had. He just didn’t know when to stop. I hope Jamie will realize where his true milieu is and work it! He’s very talented and will continue to do well wherever he ends up. I really don’t think it’s midlife crisis.

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