Follow the Elephants

Elephant Parade © Candice Elizabeth Ashby

The first time I ever saw an elephant face to trunk, I was about seven.

My parents had taken me to the zoo, and although I had seen elephants on television, nothing prepared me for the majestic, wrinkly-skinned pachyderm that stood before me.

And so, I did what any seven-year old would have done when confronted with such immense beauty.  I cried and ran behind my mother’s legs.

Yet, after receiving a lecture on the merits of not being a cry baby, I saddled that gentle grey giant and took the required family picture.

Today, it is sad to learn that elephants in Asia are in danger of being extinct.  But as luck would have it, there is one organisation that has decided to do something about it.

Enter the Elephant Parade

This month, Elephant Family, the only UK organisation dedicated solely to saving the Asian elephant, has launched London’s biggest ever outside art installation.

Artists, designers and donating organisations such as Diane von Furstenburg, Tommy Hilfilger and BFLS have each been chosen to design one baby elephant of the 260 plus that will be displayed around London.

The money that will be raised by this event, which will go on through to July when Sotheby’s will auction off the elephant art, will go to raising awareness of the elephants and creating ancient migratory routes between forests, which are dwindling in size due to industrial development.

The founders of Elephant Family are father and son team, Mike and Marc Spits.

To make donations to Elephant Family, click here.


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