Short Film Showcase at the Prince Charles Cinema

Overtime, a short film debuted for one night only at the Prince Charles Cinema Friday night.

The night at the Charles paid homage to the brilliance and creativity of young film graduates, who were given the opportunity to show the best of their work.

Yet, no one owned the night like young Director / Screen Writer Chris Smyth, who’s short film was the last to be shown, but certainly not the least.

Overtime is the story of an office worker, haunted by images of his impending death.

In true short film fashion, Smyth managed to tell a story using very few words.  The visual images, though set in the darkness of an empty office at night, were sharp, well-angled and appropriately gloomy.

This edgy rendition of a psychological thriller places Smyth categorically as one to watch for.

Other Notable Films in the Showcase

Film still from Chris Smyth's 'Overtime'

Other notably well done shorts were Ashley Walker’s My Hands are My Voice, a short documentary about English actress Caroline Parker’s fight against stereotypes associated with disabled people in Britain.

Une Clope, by Sean Phillips, was also a nicely shot, humourous piece.  And Chloe’s Dollhouse by Yasra Jaleel and Bonnie Kim had a surprising surreal quality.

The new age and often exotic sounds of Torfinnur Jákupsson’s music was a lovely edition to the showcase’s interludes.


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