George H. Choat: A young actor’s positive approach

When George H. Choat sat down in front of me in a neighbourhood coffee shop, I knew that I was about to have an experience. 

If star quality does indeed exist, Choat has it in considerable abundance.

Twenty-seven years old, dark-haired and with a Brooklyn accent so distinct that I half expected Joe Pesci and Bobby De Niro to come join our table and buy drinks for the house, the young actor carries himself with a hefty amount of self-respect.

My questions about the struggles of a young NY-raised actor living in the competitive city of London bounced off of his chest as if they were bullets and he was Superman.

‘You could say there’s a certain amount of competition out there, but you have to focus on you.  I know and except that with massive action comes massive results. It’s counter-productive to focus on competition all the time.’

Choat finds the inspiration to do what he does through his great passion for the arts.  Having had utilised his skills musically for a while, he was told by friends and family that he had a proclivity for acting.  It wasn’t long before he made the decision to change direction.

Staying positive

As a young actor in London, Choat seems to have none of the angst or fear that others of his ilk are often inundated with. Instead, with piercing brown eyes and squared shoulders, he relayed the aspects of his life that allow him to maintain an incredible attitude of positivity and confidence.

His inspirations are not surprising. 

‘The day Michael Jackson died, the world came to a stop for a week.  It was a massive lost. He was the personification of doing something at its greatest level.’

Denzel Washington is also one of Choat’s most respected mentors because of the star’s respect for his craft.

‘He has such a good energy as an actor.  I find him such a great inspiration because in all of the roles that he has played, he studies the art deeply. He becomes emotionally involved with his characters.”

So much of the ‘good energy’ that Choat attributes to Washington is mirrored in the composed, intensity of Choat himself. Still, he doesn’t ignore the nuts and bolts of the acting business.

Choat thinks it’s important for an actor to look out for what’s new, like casting websites, so that it isn’t necessary to rely solely on an agent.  He also believes in the importance of surrounding himself with positive people.

‘Words are important and I believe that words have sometimes boosted people or held them back. In order to combat a negative environment, you have to develop positive habits.’

The young actor builds up his defenses with healthy eating, exercise and relaxation.  With an almost Zen-like quality, he seems ready for anything.  I have no doubt that the term ‘watch this space’ was created with people like Choat in mind.

To learn more about George H. Choat, click here.


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  2. Great blog and great artist!

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