‘Over the Edge’ debuts at the Barbican

Last night at the Barbican, the dance show ‘Over the Edge’ debuted to a packed audience.

A diverse group of young performers entered the stage with what was sure to be a delightful display of raw urban talent.

After all, hot new street dancing groups have become more well-known to the mainstream public ever since Diversity won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ last year.

Yet, while Over the Edge was without a doubt a flawless exhibition of technical ability and talent, it lacked passion.

Though the audience applauded vigorously after each segment of the show, it was painfully apparent that the crowd’s enthusiasm seemed based upon each dancer’s ability to krump and pop with the best of ’em, rather than an ability to engender any emotion at all.

So what happened?

The show was an interesting array of choreographed segments that seemed orchestrated to tantalise the audience.

To some degree, this attempt was highly successful – especially in segments like ‘My Alien Abduction’, which used lighting and a large projection screen to create the illusion that the players were on a spaceship being forced to move in unusual ways.

These segments were the perfect formats to feature abstract dance moves that are often associated with various types of street dancing.

However, like a lot of street dancing, so much of the show seemed focused on profiling individuals rather than the group as one fluid moving unit.

Yet, the more obvious problem was the lack of connection to the audience.  It was clear that this talented dance troupe was having a great deal of fun on the stage, but the audience wasn’t included.

The lack of passion in the music is perhaps partly responsible for the lack of passion in the dancing.  A techno-jamboree, it certainly was – but the music wasn’t the least bit emotive, which strongly affected the entire show.

Though it might be interesting to see what this young and talented group might be like after several more performances, Over the Edge is – at least for now – coming up a bit short.

Over the Edge is a production of  Boy Blue Entertainment and will be shown at the Barbican until 25th July.


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